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To help you quickly see what items cost in US Dollars or Euros you can click on the appropriate flag. This will convert all the prices accord prices are only a guide and may vary slightly when the money is processR> Note: For the final stages of purchase the total will be in Pounds Sterling with the amount in dollars or Euros in brackets below this total. The final debit from your account will be in UK Pounds sterling and converted by the bank at the time of the transaction at whatever the exchange rate is at that time..

The current prices are displayed in: UK Pounds Sterling

To display Prices in UK Pounds Sterling

To display Prices in US Dollars

To display Prices in Euros

Note: When changing the currency: The basket will automatically assume that your delivery address with change accordingly.
(ie Currency = Dollars - Delivery Address=United States)

Next day Delivery is not available to non-UK orders and delivery costs will also vary
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