DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer

DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer


Makes hair look thicker and fuller

DermMatch works on small bald areas or areas of thinning hair where the scalp is showing through. It colours the scalp to match your hair colour causing the scalp to disappear. It also coats thin hairs with botanical thickening agents that add fullness to your hair. The results are instant.

DermMatch comes in eight colours, which can be blended to match any natural hair colour.

DermMatch is a cosmetic. It is a hard-packed powdered formula that is safe for your skin and hair. It is loaded with emollients and botanical ingredients that soothe and moisturise. DermMatch contains only safe colorants and no hair dye.

It allows you to swim, sweat or brush your hair.

DermMatch does not grow hair nor does it impede the growth of hair.

If you've tried spray, sprinkle or lotion hair loss concealers, you'll love DermMatch. It looks better, applies neater, stays on better and even costs you less to use. DermMatch is the only hair loss concealer with a precision applicator.
It's the only one with botanical hair-thickening agents.

It's the only one that allows you to swim, sweat or brush your hair. It's also the only solid hair loss concealer, so when you buy DermMatch you're not paying for air, propellant or water.

Doctors recommend DermMatch for :-

Female hair loss
Thinning hair
Male Pattern Baldness
Transplanted hair
Alopecia Areata
Use with hair growth drugs


DermMatch is applied directly to the scalp with EZ Grip, EZ Reach Applicators.
They make application quick, clean and precise. Replacement applicators are free. Your purchase also comes with easy step by step instructions with big photos and plenty of helpful hints.

Start with a clean, dry scalp. Dampen your applicator tip. Rub it in the container to pick up the hard-packed powdered formula. Apply directly to the scalp where there are small bald areas or areas of thin hair. DermMatch colours the scalp to match your hair colour causing the scalp to disappear. It also coats thin hairs with botanical thickening agents. The EZ Grip, EZ Reach applicators give you precision control for a perfect, natural hairline.

When the area is coloured evenly, brush your hair thoroughly and evenly. This distributes the thickening agents across thin hairs and helps to even out your colour. Let the formula dry for a few minutes. Frequent brushing speeds up drying. If you blow-dry, use low heat and low wind. If you have shaved, curled, permed, or braided hair and you don't normally brush, no problem. You can apply DermMatch dry. When your application is completely dried, give a good thorough brushing. Hairs coated with thickening agents lift up and spread out for spectacular fullness. Continue brushing to remove any excess powder. \Use wet wipes to clean any powder that gets on the forehead or back of the neck. You now have the thickest, fullest hair possible. Any shampoo removes DermMatch completely.

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Black: 899635001007/071
Dark Brown: 899635001014/2880
Light Brown: 899635001038/EF80
Medium Brown: 899635001021/Negll
Platinum Blonde: 899635001069/Beige
Red: 899635001045/12N
Silver Grey: 899635001052/2880A
White: 899635001076/070

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Easy to apply powder disguises thinning hair instantly

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